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SD Comic Con 2014 - Person of Interest clip

from poi discussion forums

I really love that Sarah loves Razgovor too!

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Comic Con 2014 Person of Interest Panel

Clip 1, from3HeadedMonkey

Reese should be Batman 

Michael- No Jim I get a new question & kissing his married wife on camera…..lol

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Anonymous said:
how do YOU eat a girl out and what is it like for you????


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Finally I


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apatheticsmile said: i wish i knew how to try. that’s all i would do. listen to my ipod and draw.

I hate to use that cliched response “practice makes perfect” but it really is true. Another trick that works really, really well, that I think a lot of artists would at first frown upon, is using tracing paper. That’s how I got so good with anime / manga style art. (It’s also luck, like earlier with the car… That’s like the first time ever that I’ve drawn a vehicle that I’ve liked the sketch. I was never good at vehicles or buildings.)

Anyway, the tracing paper thing… I really loved this one series which had a very specific style. I would trace my favorite character to learn the lines, several times before drawing it myself. I got to the point (down the road without having to trace) that I could mimic the style almost perfectly, sometimes without looking. It’s all mental. So if you learn how to make the lines, what shapes and everything it takes to compose the image, you can trick yourself into making it easier to do. (If that makes sense? Doing line work first and learning all of that and breaking things down into shapes is also helpful.) 

You should sit down with your iPod and try it anyway, can’t hurt.  :D

I’ve got some tutorials tagged here if you want to look.

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Is there an interview where the creators/writers were asked about the Root/Shaw dynamic and weather it started with the script or Amy and Sarah playing into it? i’m really curious how it all started…

The way Amy and Sarah (mostly Sarah) have talked about it, it was in the script first but the two of them caught on very quickly. (As in I’m sure they play it up a little but for the most part, it is already there.)

The interviews that the topic pop up in are sort of spread out, I don’t think there’s just one. Although the one from Paley Fest 2013 shows it, I can’t remember the others atm.

Like, the whole ironing thing the “-I’m kind of into this sort of thing”, “I’m so glad you said that, I do too” , “I’m sorry, so rude I know… Just when we were really starting to connect.” That was all script but back when a lot of those interviews were done… The writers / show runners were very coy about it. They’d claim jokingly that it was the ladies but I think they were just trying to keep it quiet because of how things are heading now. I mean, even with as open as Sarah and Amy were at SDCC, Amy still caught herself and looked down toward the left end of the table because they still can’t say too much. That to me says there’s something going on more than just with them playing it up, especially since Sarah’s repeating that it is in the script already.

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