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New Exclusive Book 4 Clip

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When Life Imitates Art

Sarah in a favorite hoodie leaving POI set for S4, Title Sequences & SE402, Nautilus promotional picture

(Top pic is my personal BTS pic, please do not REPOST or REMOVE my watermark, Thank You.)

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mlamachine said: THOSE BOOTS NEARLY KILLED ME. She looks so hot in those. So, the answer is YES. (Also yeah we just discussed the lack of angry smut that seems to be going on lately so I promised I’d take care of it.)

Screw the heels, I want more of those. AND YES, THANK YOU.

It’s probably because that’s all there was for them in the beginning… Now there’s feelings involved, even if it’s mostly on Root’s side of things. And most of the fics have been angsty lately… 

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mlamachine said: Yeah I’m almost tempted NOT to write her the angry smut I promised her earlier. (JK I can’t deprive everyone of it.) And yeah I’d love to chat, but I think we both know we won’t be doing anything other than talk about how awesome Shaw is, if we do.

….Wait. What the hell happened when I went to work? I don’t recall that being discussed before I left. 

Root is pretty awesome too…. Don’t forget about that.

And if you’re writing angry smut, can I request that Shaw puts those army boots she’s wearing in the new BTS pics to use? (I’m totally kidding but not really. Only if you can make it fit.)

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mlamachine said: Science is SO important. Please go on with that. I’ll just be here, lurking on tumblr while I’m supposed to write and gif more stuff. (Shaw in Root’s clothes is just… still the best.)

I still can’t wait to see this edit we were tagged about… She’s such a tease mentioning that while we’re not on to bug her about it. haha. 

LESS LURKING, MORE WRITING. (Or gif more stuff.)  I’d say we should do another chat but I’ve got to power up my old computer for PS and it doesn’t handle internet and PS being open a the same time.

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